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With a strong experience in the manufacturing of  large size’s mechanical parts the Officine della Gavarnia is a professional reality to support the international companies in the most advanced sectors such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Machine tools, Systems, Marine, Offshore and Steel Industries.

The result of a forty-year experience which involved two generations of the family Carrara, Officine della Gavarnia constitute a well-established supplier of complete mechanical pieces of great size.

Thanks to a network of specialized companies, located in the considerable industrial area of the Bergamo Province, which provide support activities such as Heat Treatments, painting, Control of Materials, Coatings and all mechanical manufacturing, the Officine della Gavarnia are able to make a complete supply that meets the requirements of the customer.

With the internal Purchasing, Engineering, Planning, Accounting and Assembly Areas, Officine della Gavarnia ensures full supply of groups assembled and tested that can be delivered in accordance with the Customer requirements.